I love to travel if you haven't figured that out already. I designed an app uxui interface for traveling. The app is called wander. "wander wherever without wifi". The entire app is offline. One of the biggest issues I have while traveling is not being able to access a map, reservation, or look up a language phrase due to no international data. This app not only stores all of your reservations, but it calculates a trip for you! Let's say you have a set budget, you like leisure, and you have a set country you would like to go to. This app takes all of this into consideration, and plans a trip for you that is realistic for your budget! The appĀ also calculates an itinerary based off of your itinerary level. Offline maps are a must when you're lost in a foreign city; WANDER's got you covered. Want to order a baguette in France in French? No problem! "je voudrais une baguette s'il vous plait!" Parfait! Complete with phonetics as well! Also! Share your stories across the globe through your blog on your profile! Our 24/7 live chat is guaranteed to get you answers when you need them in a pinch! So wander wherever without wifi!
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