Best extra virgin olive oil from France. Maussane is a French olive oil company one of seven mills in the vallée des Baux. They use a perfect blend of five olives that are gently crushed under old, traditional granite mills. The oil is naturally sweet and fruity with a golden green color. This oil can be used for meats, fish, cheeses, salads, and vegetables. 
The design was well thought out. The bottle itself resembles an olive without being too obvious. The color of the bottle is a matte golden green color just like the oil itself. The entire bottle is covered aside from two stripes on the side to see the color of the oil. The matte surface provides a non-slip surface to grab. This part of the design protects the olive oil from harmful UV light. The logo is in French, “huile d’olive” which literally translates to, “olive oil”. Down underneath as part of the logo is our mission statement, “best extra virgin olive oil from France”. The symbol was inspired by the Maussane crest. It is a sixteen pointed star to represent the star that guided the wise men. The art work on the back are brush drawings of olive branches with a stamp from France to let you know it's imported and oh so exotic. 
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