While living in Israel, I was blown away by the innovation, and the Israeli lifestyle. They not only survive but thrive! I figured out how they do it too. One Hebrew word I learned that really stuck was קומבינה. Phonetically it's pronounced "kombina". It basically means to wing it. No I'm just kidding, it means to use what little resources you have, and make something amazing out of it. I observed this in Israel. For such a young country, they are more advanced than most nations in the world. This word sparked my idea for a uxui design. 
Thus Kombina was born. I have never been a great cook. I am also a recent college graduate, and I don't have an awesome budget. So essentially there is a box of wheat thins, cheese sticks, and a jar of pickles in my pantry. The idea for this app is to upload what you have in your pantry, and a recipe will generate. If you have close to nothing in your pantry then odds are you'll pry have to go buy one or two things. But for the most part, the app generates an easy, healthy recipe that you can save and share! 
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