Fika is not like any ordinary bakery, oh no. This bakery specializes in traditional Swedish Fika pastries. Fika is a time of fellowship, coffee, and most importantly PASTRIES in Swedish culture. Unlike other bakeries, Fika allows customers to create their own pastries, order to go, OR have it delivered to you! Not only does Fika offer Swedish pastries, but pastries from all around the world to suite any diet!
Yum! Låt oss ha Fika!
The business idea and designs were based off of family heritage. My Norwegian side of the family ran a bakery in Grimstad, Norway three generations ago. Rosemaling is a traditional form of painting in Scandinavia, and the design for Fika came from this. The design for Fika was inspired by my Swedish great grandmother Zara's sketches. Thank you Zara!
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