I really have a heart for the environment. God gave us Earth, let's take care of it! I am also all about efficiency, resourcefulness, and conservation! One night I was laying in my bed wracking my brain for new energy ideas. I was listening to a really good song, and I began to sing along, and then BOOM! It hit me! SOUND ENERGY! Joke's on me... I researched it later, and discovered it already exists. But sound energy has not been fully explored! Nice try anyway! I love the idea of taking something that no one would think to use, something so disposable, like sound, and turning it into energy! 
So the idea is that we all could download the boom app on our phones and apple watches. The sounds around us would be transferred to the app, and create energy! In large cities, large billboards would not only advertise, but pick up sound waves, and harvest it into sound energy! I talk a lot! Who knew that it could be used for energy!
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