This is Artemer. One of the greatest companies on the planet! Of course I'm biased. Living in Tel Aviv, Israel really opened my eyes to the incredible world of startups. So much creativity, innovation, and technology in such a small country! Israel truly impressed me! Artemer is a jewelry company located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their studio, located above a local bakery, was heaven to me! Such a family oriented business. The company is owned by Tanya and Tomer. The entire company was based off of Tanya's engagement ring that Tomer designed and hand crafted. All of the jewelry at Artemer is hand crafted with the finest gems in the world. I worked as their Graphic Design and Digital Marketing intern over the summer 2018. This included making motion graphics, layout templates, ad campaigns, and collaborating with the photographer. I also was asked by my boss to do some hand modeling along the way! (LOVED THAT PART!) It was a dream internship. My internship taught me to meet deadlines, work through language barriers, and work in collaboration. I loved my internship so much. This is a small look book designed for one of their newest collections, the color block collection! There is a ring sizer on the back with an easy pop out to measure your ring size. There is also a QR code on the back for a quick scan that will take you to augmented reality to try on the rings! OOO!
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